Day Nursery In Romford


We have three main play rooms, these are split into Baby Room, Toddler Room and Pre-School Room. Childen are allocated according to age and ability.

The Baby Room has a seperate changing room, and is well equiped with a large variety of stimulating toys and equipment.

The Toddler Room is well set out to provide a range of activities to provide fun and ensure development. There is a seperate messy room and access to the garden which allows for the provision of free flow play. This room also has child size toilets and hand wash basins to encourage independence for those that have mastered potty training. And for those still in the process, there are potty's and a nappy changing area.

The Pre-School Room has designated learning areas and a large well equiped messy room which allows for continuous provision.  The garden leads off the main play room which the children can access daily if they choose.Toilets are also in the rooms which encourages independence.